• Frequently Asked Questions


1 How do I get a lawyer or who chooses my lawyer?
2 Which among the three i.e. Query, Consultation or Job, should I choose?
3 What is a Job?
4 What is a consultation?
5 What is a Query?
6 What if I am not happy with the lawyer I chose?
7 When do I pay?
8 What do I need to pay to Lawkonect?
9 Is this a directory or referral service?
10 Are you a law firm?
11 What is milestone?
12 What is escrow?
13 When do I fund the escrow?
14 When is the escrow released?
15 Who determines that the job is complete?
16 How long does it take to find a lawyer?
17 How many lawyers can I hire per case?
18 How many cases can I post simultaneously?
19 What is feedback of professional?
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